DROKxae; LM393 Voltage Comparator Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Photovoltaic Sensor…

Parameter Description:1.When the module detects an obstacle in front of the signal , the green indicator light on the board level , while low-level continuous output signal OUT port , the module detects the distance 2 ~ 30cm, detection angle 35 °, the distance can detect potential is adjusted clockwise adjustment potentiometer to detect the distance increases ; counterclockwise to adjust the potentiometer to reduce the detection distance .2. active infrared sensors to detect the reflected , and thus the shape of the reflectivity of the target detection range is critical . The minimum detection distance which black , white maximum ; small objects from a small area , a large area from the Grand .3. the output port OUT sensor module can be directly connected to the microcontroller IO port , you can directly drive a 5V relay ; Connection : VCC-VCC; GND-GND; OUT-IO4. using the comparator LM393, stable ;5. can be used for 3-5V DC power supply modules . When the power is turned on, the red power indicator light ;6. with the screw holes of 3mm , easy fixed installation ;7. board size : 3.2CM * 1.4CM8. each module shipments comparing the threshold voltage has been adjusted by the potentiometer is good , not exceptional circumstances, do not arbitrarily adjust the potentiometer.Interface Description:1. VCC: external 3.3V-5V voltage ( can be directly connected to 5v MCU and 3.3v MCU )2 GND: GND External3 OUT: small board digital output interfaces ( 0 and 1 )Package Include:1 x Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module Continue reading DROKxae; LM393 Voltage Comparator Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Photovoltaic Sensor…

Wiha 32691 Pliers, Straight External Retaining Ring, 3/4-Inch to 2-3/8-Inch

Product description STRAIT EXTERNAL RETAINING RING PLI 3/4′ – 2 3/8 From the Manufacturer Wiha 32691 straight external retaining ring pliers. For internal ring sizes 3/4 – 2-3/8-inch and tip size .070. Shape A, straight tips. Die forged cylindrical precision formed. CV speical tool steel. For fitting and removing external retaining rings. Soft vinyl grips. Continue reading Wiha 32691 Pliers, Straight External Retaining Ring, 3/4-Inch to 2-3/8-Inch

Chill-Its 8935MF Evaporative Cooling Microfiber High Visibility Ranger Hat, Large/X-Large

Size:L/XL Ergodyne Chill-Its 8935MF microfiber evaporative cooling ranger hat is made with soft and absorbent material that is easy to activate and comfortable to wear all day long for cooling and visibility protection. Can be used for hours or for quick relief. Reusable, just re-wet to activate. Great for outdoor sports, camping, days at the beach or on a boat, golf, landscaping, yard work, construction job sites, fishing, gardening and hiking. Continue reading Chill-Its 8935MF Evaporative Cooling Microfiber High Visibility Ranger Hat, Large/X-Large

Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact Deluxe

The SlideRIG Compact Deluxe takes the transparent tone and incredible sustain of the original SlideRIG and packs it into a compact pedal. A third of the size of the original, the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe also offers three times the tone-shaping potential thanks to its unique three-way parallel compression mix controls. Already legendary amongst slide players, the SlideRIG delivers clean “infinite sustain” in true Little Feat fashion. In the studio, Lowell George used a pair of 1176 compressors chained together to create his trademark tone – clean and shimmering, yet full, fat and dripping with sustain. The original SlideRIG pedal gave guitarists a more affordable, practical and portable way of replicating this tone, but now we’ve taken it even further. More flexible than ever, the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe gives you access to conventional single-stage compression, as well as the SlideRIG’s trademark dual-stage compression. Using the pedal’s unique three-way mixer stage, you can blend in your dry, uncompressed signal alongside the single- and dual-stage compression signals! This is parallel compression on steroids. Together with pedal’s high-current, low noise preamp and a revised gain structure that allows greater control over compression levels, the trio of blend controls yield limitless possibilities – transparency, dynamic integrity, squash, sustain you name it! Continue reading Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact Deluxe

David Changar Euphoria Pitcher, Small, Dripping Mauve

Inspired by the work of dr. Seuss, Antonio Gaudi, and George Ohr. David strives to create striking unusual shapes that are finished in the richest most vibrant glazes he can create. Each unique piece is individually hand thrown on the potters’ wheel from a, stoneware clay that after glaze firing is watertight. No two pieces are exactly alike, and each one is signed by the artist. Hand made in NYC. I make it here so you can take it anywhere. Continue reading David Changar Euphoria Pitcher, Small, Dripping Mauve

RohrbaughR9 IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention Black Arch Holsters ACE-1

The ACE-1 continues to be at the top of the market after years of faithful service. The ACE-1 features an advanced backer we call the VSB, or variable stiffness backer.The VSB features an incredibly tough leather front, a polymer stiffener insert, and a comfortable, genuine suede backing. Increasing the benefits of the VSB, the polymer stiffener functions as an impermeable moisture barrier to protect your gun from corrosion, rather than allowing sweat to pass through the holster and onto the inside of the kydex shell or onto the gun directly. Further, thanks to the consistency and controllability of the polymer stiffener, it’s designed to bend exactly where you need it to most, and be supportive where it needs to be, making it amazingly comfortable.Adding to the comfort, all of our holsters feature a full sweat guard, meaning the backer protects you from all of potentially uncomfortable protrusions of your gun, such as safety levers, and beavertails. While it protects your from discomfort, our backers are also cut to allow a full grip on your pistol when you draw.The ACE-1 now features more adjustability than ever before! With retention adjustment screws all around the holster, you can fine tune the fit and draw weight of your holster to exactly what you want. Additionally, with six different clip positioning holes, you can adjust both the angle and height the holster sits at to find the ultimate crossroads of comfort and concealability.All of these features and more, such as a flared opening for safe and easy reholstering, complete coverage of your gun up to the muzzle, and a beautiful finish, combined with its long, impeccable track record make the ACE-1 one of the most trusted holsters on the market today! Continue reading RohrbaughR9 IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention Black Arch Holsters ACE-1

Bartky Minerals Agate Coaster-Silver/Pink-Set of 4

Dimensions: 4.5′ long/deepMaterial: AgateMade in BrazilDelicate yet useful these footed thin agate slices with sterling silver electroplated rim are colorful, sometimes translucent and occasionally containing crystalline inclusions. Perfect to use as coasters for your favorite drink. Set of 4 comes in its own white gift box.Care Instructions: Wipe with Damp Towel Continue reading Bartky Minerals Agate Coaster-Silver/Pink-Set of 4

2 Kinesio Tex Gold W/R Black FP Bulk

Color:Black Kinesio Tex Tape Gold is an amazing elastic therapeutic tape was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase over 35 years ago in Japan. Since then, Kinesio Tex Tape Gold has become the standard for therapeutic and rehabilitative taping. Made from a gentle cotton fiber strip, it features a 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive, which is total latex free. It does not limit range of motion and can be worn three to five days at a time. It creates a lifting effect which improves circulation and relieves pain. The tension on the tape has the ability to relax or stimulate muscles. Continue reading 2 Kinesio Tex Gold W/R Black FP Bulk